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About Us

The Captain

   Capt. David was born in the UK, but coming from a Madeiran family with a fisherman father and fisherman grandfather before, moved to Madeira in 1985 at the age of 9 years old. From this point he spent most of his time at his grandfather´s restaurant, located on a beach where at the time commercial fishing boats would port. This became his playground. Going out with commercial fishermen on their boats, fishing from the coast, free diving for octopus and spear gun fishing was all he did in his spare time. At the age of 18, he was offered a job on a big game charter boat. First day out they caught a 650 Lbs. Blue Marlin..from this point he was “hooked”! From local charter to American private boats, just fishing for world records, with some of the top crews in the world, giving him a wide knowledge in fishing and techniques acquired for over 2 decades of game fishing professionally.

The Boat

   The “Cabo São João” is a Bertram 31´ Custom Sport Fisher. Powered with twin 190 hp. Detroit Diesel V6 engines. The boat is equipped with toilet and live well and there is space to sit out on the deck or in the shade of the cabin that is open to the back, so you can still see your baits when trolling.

The Tackle

  • Penn International 130 lbs. & 80 lbs. reels.
  • Shimano Tiagra 80 lbs. reels.
  • Shimano Tyrnos 50 lbs. reels.
  • Custom Made American 130 lbs. & 80 lbs. rods.
  • Shimano TLD 80/50 lbs. rods.
  • Shimano Saragosa reels.
  • Shimano Spheros reels.
  • Daiwa Powermesh carbon rods.
  • Shimano Speedmaster rods and more…


   All new in mid. 2017, the state of the art, Simrad NSS12 EVO3 Fish Finder, GPS and G4 Radar. 2 x 1kw. transducers (1 B265 High & Low CHIRP & 1 B175 Wide-Beam CHIRP) , Simrad S5100 module that boost the performance of the whole network and VHF radio.

The Fishing

   We specialise in Offshore & Inshore Trolling, Jigging, Live Bait Fishing, Spinning & Poppers and more.

   In Madeira we have a wide variety of game fish you can go for. From Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish, Spearfish, Blue Fin and Big Eye Tuna, Albacore, Skipjacks, Wahoo, Shark down to Red Snappers, Amberjacks, Bluefish, Barracudas and even giant squid fished on night trips, amongst others.

   Some of these game fish are seasonal, while others can be caught all year around. Fishing techniques like, Trolling, Jigging, Live Bait fishing depends on the species we are going for and the time of the year. Any questions contact us and we will help you in choosing what type of fishing you would like. Whatever type of fishing you haven’t done we will teach you how.

Offshore Big Game Fishing & Inshore Trolling

   We can do Trolling all year around in Madeira. Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Spearfish, Wahoo, Blue Fin & Big Eye Tuna, Albacore, Skipjacks, Dorado and Barracudas are caught trolling Offshore or Inshore depending on species and the time of the year.

Deep-sea Jigging & Live Bait

   Our Deep-Sea Jigging & Live Bait trips, like the Trolling, can also be done all year around, also for different species, depending on the time of the year. Red Snapper, Amberjack, White Trevally, Blue Fish, Barracudas & Tope (shark) are some of the species you may catch.

Spinning & Poppers

   We do Spinning & Poppers on our Jigging & Live Bait trips, when Jigging we occasionally get Dorado under the boat, or see Blue Fish, Amberjack, White Trevally, Skipjack Tuna or Wahoo feeding on the surface and we will do Spinning or Poppers for them.

Keep Posted..

   In the future we shall be doing other types of fishing to widen your choice and to make your fishing experience even more interesting..keep posted!

The Season for each Species

   Here you have a general idea of each season for each species you may catch. Of course every season is a little different every year. You may contact us and we will let you know what is going on and what you have better chance of catching, depending on the time you are planning to come to Madeira.

Blue Marlin - May / October

blue marlin2

White Marlin - May / October

white marlin

Spearfish - May / June

spearfish longbill 2

Big Eye Tuna - March / June

bigeye tuna2

 Albacore - All year


Tuna Skipjack - All year

tuna skipjack tuna

Mahi Dolphin Fish (Dorado) - Summer

mahi dolphin fish2

Wahoo - Midsummer / January


Amberjack - All year

amberjack greater2

Dentex - All year


Charter Info

Private Charters

- 4 Hours 700 € for boat (max. 6 people)
- 7 Hours 1000 € for boat (max. 6 people)

Shared Charter

- 4 Hours 185 € per fisherman
- 40 € per guest (max. 1 per fisherman)
- 7 Hours 255 € per fisherman
- 60 € per guest (max. 1 per fisherman)

On shared charters we may take up to 6 people per trip, counting with guests, but we take only the
maximum of 4 fisherman per trip



All trips include boat, crew, fishing tackle, water, juice, beer, fruit, sandwiches, and snacks.
All 7 hour trips includes a meal for lunch.

We advise you bring

Appropriate footwear for boat, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and jacket if weather is cold.

Meeting Point

The Meeting Point for our trips is at our office located at Cais 8. Please be at the meeting point 20 minutes before departure.

Meeting Point1


Trips can be conditioned to bad weather that is evaluated by the Captain.

It is totally forbidden to wear mountain boots or any kind of boots on the boat.
If you do come with boots, you will be asked to take them off.

Capt. David´s Blue Marlin Bar & Shop

   In Funchal Marina you can find Capt. David Blue Marlin Bar, Madeira´s only fishing bar and the meeting point for our trips. The bar was built by the Captain himself, from a building that was abandoned for over 7 years.

   It is a true piece of art inspired by a life on the sea and fishing. From art painted on the walls and floor, a full size replica of a 1000 lbs. Blue Marlin coming out of a realistic painting on the wall to the bar counter that is a 600 litre fish tank. On the outside deck there is 1200 litre pond with carp koi and turtles.



   The shop located right next to the bar has a replica of the back of our fishing boat that is the counter, attached to a photo on the wall that completes the boat and the whole floor is painted to make it look as if the boat is fishing, dragging lures with a schole of Tuna attacking the baits. Here you can buy fishing tackle, marine gear, souvenirs, sailor art craft, cool t-shirts and more..

   Come down and pay us a visit if you are already in Madeira and meet the Captain, find out what is being caught or just for a drink in this unique location.

Charter Info